About us

The Christadelphians are a body of Christians who place their beliefs wholly on the Bible. The name "Christadelphian" is from the greek New Testament and means "brothers in Christ". It was adopted 150 years ago.

We meet in small congregations throughout the world. We encourage daily Bible reading and prayer. Our aim is to live by faith in Jesus Christ according to his teachings and that of his apostles.

We have no ordained ministers and each congregation elects some of its brothers to arrange all its affairs. Our members are just like you! We are fathers & mothers, grandparents, aunts & uncles, brothers and sisters. We are office workers, engineers, salespeople, teachers, factory workers, stay home moms, accountants, transport workers, students and retired.

We would love to meet you!  So why not come to see us?


What Do Christadelphians Believe?

We believe that the Bible is God’s only revealed message to mankind, given to bring anyone who will listen to obey God and His ways, and to give a wonderful hope through the precious promises God has made.

The Bible is our only authority and we believe
it should be read prayerfully and with
reverence. 2 Tim 3:16-17; Rom 16:25-26;
Jn 17:17

Certain key teachings stand out. We invite
you to thoughtfully consider these teachings
with your Bible in hand:

Key Bible Teachings – believed by Christadelphians